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About The Blog

Our Founder, Roshana, is a current osteopathic medical student of Afro-Caribbean decent who have gone through the ups and downs of the pursuit of medicine. She has managed to curate this blog for those ambitious minds, who like her, recognizes the importance of learning through other people's experiences. This blog aims to provide mentorship, resources, how to guides, recommendations, and if you're interested, simple days in the life of a medical student. Roshana created this blog as a resource for those who may be suffering from imposter syndrome and needs some encouragement or for those looking for extra resources to help them navigate the struggles that comes with the journey to medicine. There is something for everyone if you search for it. Mentor In Me is always updating and working to meet the needs of our readers and are always welcome to suggestions on new topics and content. 

Thank you for visiting Mentor In Me.

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