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Gadgets for Students

Recommendations for must have gadgets that will improve productivity, better organize your life and/or add a bit of flare to your aesthetics.

Disclaimer: Use of any/all of the links on this page may be associated with a small commission from the the sale of the item at no cost to you. All recommendations are genuinely vetted products. Income earned from links are used for the running and management of this site.

Woman on her Tablet


Tablets and Ipads allow easy portability, hand writing note taking abilities, easy organization and search options for notes, and most important the best  integration and consolidation of everything. The upfront costs are usually high but the long term and short term benefits make the initial investment worth while. 


Outdoor Exercise

Fitness Trackers

Keep track of your health using fitness trackers. Especially important for students who spend hours everyday sitting at a desk or in front of a computer screen.

Image by Domenico Loia

Laptops/ Computers

Every student needs a laptop as school work is generally moving toward digital modalities. Here are some affordable options. NOTE: check with your school for computers software requirements.

DJ Headphones

Headphones/ Speakers

Affordable headsets to boost your moral for study sessions.


 Hard Drive

Hard Drives

With lesser and lesser computer storage options, hard drives are a must for students. Check out a few options for hard drives here.

Keyboard and Mouse

Tech Accessories

Accessories for laptops and computers can be a pain to find. Check out a few affordable items here. 

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