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Apps Every Student Needs

Below are highly recommended curation of apps from our team. Each app has been vetted and used by someone on our team and have been proven to be of great benefit to students. None of the applications below are associated with any promotions or affiliations 

Apps for Productivity
Apps for Productivity

Google Calendar

Create a study schedule, track your tasks, quickly view your syllabus and integrate your school assignments to better manage your time and your responsibilities. The benefit of Google calendar is that it's easily integrated into other apps like canvas, icalendar, and other apps so you get everything in one place. 


Apps for Studying 


Anki is a flash card app with a built in algorithm for spaced repetition learning. The app is highly customizable to match your study style with options to add pictures, timers, fill in the blank cards and many others. While the app has a bit of a learning curve, once you get the hang of it, it will be quite useful. 

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Apps for Studying
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